Bye Felicia. Ambrose Lover.

Name: Tierra (not Tiara)Age: I'll tell you in a messageI enjoy WWE, The Walking Dead, Bob's Burgers, Disney movies, movies like The Sandlot, The Exorcist, GoodFellas. I am a movie and music enthusiast. Dean Ambrose is my bae. I also like Roman and Seth, but Dean is my boo :3 I also enjoy coffee, smoothies, juice, food, shopping, roller coasters, music, and other things as well.Superheroes and supervillains are great. Batman is awesome. :3 I do not take any bullshit though. I also write fanfiction. Follow for a follow. And you'll find out more about me. You can also send me a ask. If you do not like what I reblog, ignore it. I reblog a crapload of things that fit my interest. If my music scares you, just simply turn it down for I am not responsible for anyone being scared. :D


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